Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome To My Home!

Since I started this blog, I have wanted to share images of my home, though somehow it seems I never get to it. I am busy (who isn't?) and therefore I am not the best housekeeper. But I do manage, to keep the living room in relative order.  We decided about a year after moving in, that there would not be a TV in this room. I think it brings a certain serenity to the space and we actually do spend a fair amount of time in this room hanging out reading or entertaining. The best part is that I get to enter my house into a space I love and a room that has some of my most treasured things. We painted the exterior of the house last spring and I now have a great turquoise door. The chairs in this photo came from my mother in laws basement. I applied a fresh layer of paint and recovered them in some Amy Butler fabric.
Merriam and the Bird
Fiesta Tulips
I love having a fireplace, mostly because I have a mantel to redo with every season. It is so fun to trade out and rearrange new pieces to have a fresh new take on the space. Currently, my mantel sports a pastel rendering of a lady I don't know. I call her Merriam and I love the colors in this piece. There is also a big "animal" theme in this room, including a little wooden bird in a box and some duckhead bookends. Tulips from the yard in a beautiful turquoise fiesta pitcher and a turquoise vintage clock tie in my door color.
Duckhead Bookends
The Children
The children are vintage prints I purchased at a cute little shop in Ft. Leavenworth. They were popular from their era, but I know little about them. I think they are great.
Andy's Train
I recently acquired this fabulous train painting by an artist friend, Andrew Elman. I feel so lucky to have it and it works so perfect with the colors in this room. The couch was the first piece of furniture that I found after I we bought this house. It came from craigslist and is in excellent condition, however the foam in the cushions is original and someday I will have it replaced. The little turquoise lamp came from my days at Atomic Age and is a piece that can be spotted in the movie Raising Arizona.
Turquoise Chair
This chair was purchased at good juju before I even knew where we were going to live. I just knew I loved it and had to have it. Other than one spot of discoloration (not horrible) it is in perfect shape. It reclines and has an ottoman which make is so comfortable. The dog is my favorite photo prop.
Chartreuse Table
The chartreuse table is a piece that I made in furniture design studio at kstate. It has been in my living room ever since. I made it by bending plywood using a vacuum forming method, then I made a wood dye to finish it.  The legs are bent aluminum held in place with metal pins. The lamp also came from good juju and needed to be rewired.
The horse tapestry came from the thrift store on Wilmington Island, GA. When I purchased it, my intent was to stretch canvas over the frame or paint over it. I don't know why I didn't realized how fabulous it was at first. How tragic it would have been to paint over it! I still need to actually "hang" it on the wall, but for now (and maybe forever) it sits atop everyone's favorite IKEA bookcase. The little red toy sewing machine was my mothers when she was young. My grandpa gave it to me and I think everything about it is perfect.  Thanks for touring my living room and who knows, maybe I will share more of my home soon.


  1. So many things I love about your living room, Jaime. Namely the fact that you named the mystery lady and that you MADE that table and that you have a turquoise door!

    Your living room looks like you.

    I hope you don't take that as "Jaime, you look like an old couch." ;)

  2. Love your turquoise accents!

  3. A house is not a home unless there's a dog sleeping in a recliner chair. Loved the tour - you're a most excellent guide!