Monday, April 23, 2012

Crosshatch Quilt

I am so lucky to be a pattern tester for Shea at Empty Bobbin. She just released a new batch of patterns and I tested 2, the Crosshatch quilt and the Home Sweet Home pillow. If you have never sewn using one of these patterns, you are in for a real treat. There is always excellent illustrations to accompany easy to follow, well written directions.  Her photographer, Sarah Sorrell, does a fantastic job making these projects come to life in the beautiful photos. This quilt pattern was a blast! In fact, I can't wait to make a few more myself.


Part of what I do when I test a pattern is keep lots of notes as I work through it. There were several instances in this pattern where I made the note: would be great for a class. Then I starting jotting notes of tools and notions that are perfect companions for this project. When I talked with Shea about the pattern, I wasn't shocked to learn that she had many of the same ideas about how well it would work for a class. First, it is great pattern to learn some rotary cutting techniques. Also, the pattern calls for working with WOF (width of fabric) strips sewn together and the basic blocks are cut from them. The piecing is pretty simple and straight forward and there are good tips for managing bias edges. It will be easy enough for a new quilter and fun for a seasoned quilter too.

So, of course, I am going to teach this quilt as a class at the Bernina Store in Overland Park. Here's the scoop:
2 Sessions, Thursday, June 7 and June 14, 10am-1pm. Class 1 will cover rotary cutting and basic strip piecing and we will finish the quilt top in Class 2. Fee for the class is $75. Call the store if you are interested. 913-341-6400

cross hatch in progress

For my version of the quilt, I used all shot cottons from Kaffe Fasset. I've said it before, but shot cotton is to me what butter is to Paula Deen. I use it in everything. This particular palette will work perfect in my living room. I can't wait for this quilt to come home and live with me. Angela Walters did an awesome job on the quilting, of course!


Since most of my readers are my KC friends, I thought I would not only give away a copy of this pattern but also a FREE CLASS! Just leave a comment about what kind of sewing class you would love to take in the future or maybe a great class you have already taken before. I will randomly select a winner for the pattern (anyone can win from KC or not) and then I will select my favorite class idea as the winner for the FREE class (will be helpful if you are from or will be in KC on June 7 and 14). I will  select winners on May 5.


  1. I was with you when you bought the shot cotton for this! It looks great Jaime--you've got such an eye for color!

  2. I LOVE this pattern and can see it in many different colorways. A class I would like to take would be making purses or small totes. I'm helping my daughter with one now and it has been kinda hard. There are terms and notions I'm not used to using.

  3. I can't enter for the class (darn it), but I wanted to say how gorgeous your quilt looks! You are so talented!

  4. I love this new pattern, and your color choices are excellent! I have two class ideas, so maybe that is cheating. The first would be a special occasion dress. Satin, and taffeta, and zippers, and linings, and tulle and giant bows.. something like that. Because I'm afraid to sew anything that isn't cotton. The second class I would love to take is thread stitching, I've seen some awesome appique projects with thread stitching and I would love to know how.

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  6. Sorry - reposting because I can't follow directions:

    YES!!! Finally a class I can take! I am putting it on the calendar now and I WILL make it happen. I apologize now for being the kid in class who is clearly not working with the same skill set as the rest of the group...

    I'd love to take a class in "embellishment." Sometimes I want to add homemade touches but just don't have the time to make an entire garment from scratch.

  7. kids clothes. knit tops/pants. I have two toddler boys, and knit fabrics make me nervous... they're stretchiness scares me, that my machine will eat it, or I'm just going to cry. I wish i could make cute little clothes for them. I want to know what I'm doing, so i don't just do it half way, and "say" i'll "come back" to it. and then by the time I'm done with the top, my boys will be 18! lol

  8. You've made a beautiful quilt! I'd love to replicate the quilt and am hoping you could tell me what colors you used. Thank you!