Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crosshatch: Boy or Girl?

It is widely known that when I make a quilt it often fulfills multiple roles: primarily a gift for someone, and then also it gets to go on display at work, and sometimes I use it a sample to sell a class or it was a test pattern etc. I get a lot of bang for my sewing buck, so to speak.

There was a day that I thought that I would be able to make all my friends having babies, a baby quilt. Ha! That was crazy. So when I found out my good friends were expecting their second baby and not finding out the gender until the babe was born, I had a plan. I wanted to teach a crosshatch quilt class anyway, so I set out to make a boy and girl version of this fun and cute quilt.
crosshatch boy
I made the boy version first, and it served as the sample for the class. I used some of my favorite shot cottons, a little Heather Bailey fabric I picked up a couple years ago and some Amy Butler fabric (actually, I purchased the AB fabric with intentions of making a quilt for said couple's first baby, but life got in the way of me ever making that quilt). It has the best snuggly flannel on the back that shows how to make paper airplanes and paper boats.
crosshatch girl
Then during the class I made the girl version. This quilt served as step out demonstrations when I was teaching. The class was two parts, and unfortunately, my mother in law had a stroke on the day of part two and I missed the class I was supposed to teach. But fear not, I did stay up the whole night before to make sure that I had completed the top for the class I was about the miss. The great thing is, this pattern is pretty simple and fast, so my students were able to forge on ahead without me. The girl version also features a lot of my favorite fabric designers; there is more Amy Butler, Tula Pink and some Denyse Schmidt. The back is a fabulous Joel Dewberry print that worked out perfect for this quilt.
Another highlight of this endeavor was that nearly all the fabric came from my stash! I think I only purchased the solid pink for the girl quilt. Additionally, I just found out that another couple, also expecting their second baby, are having a little girl. I think I know where this quilt will be headed. I hope that the families enjoy these quilts as much as I enjoyed making them.